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Getting Started

How To Get Started?

Welcome to BandBajaBarat, to start using our professional matrimony services, all you have to do is log in to, and you’re already on your way towards meeting your life partner.

How To Create a BandBajaBarat Profile?

Create a free profile now for yourself or your loved one. You can either register yourself as a free member or get yourself an exclusive paid membership.


How To Register?

Using our Log in form, fill in details about your name, age, gender and family.

1. The following information will be required step by step for registration
2. Provide primary and secondary information and click “Save And Continue” each time.

How to Register

How To Set Password?

You will be asked to create a strong password (containing upper and lower cases) for your profile and verify your identity through a verification code we will send you in your email.

How To Complete Registration Through Email?

1.You will get an email from us as soon as you register which will give you the option to verify your account through the      verification code provided in your email inbox.

2. You have to provide this code from your email inbox in order to complete the registration process

3. It’s very important to complete this process for your profile to get online. If you cancel this window without giving the code,      you have to start registering all over again.

How To Verify Your Profile Through SMS?

You can also complete your registration through sms.
While filling up the registration form, enter your current mobile number and our team will send you a Band Baja Barat verification code on your number.

How Does Profile Approval Work?

Once you are done filling up all your details step by step, your profile will take 24 hours to be screened and sent online.

Bandbajabarat ensures that every profile that’s created is genuine without any underage users and abusive contents. Our administrators screen and rejectprofiles that contain invalid data. Our services are strictly for people seeking marriages and not for those who want fun and random friendships.

Until your profile is being approved, you can use search to view other members but you will be unable to take any action.

Profile Editing/Modification

How To Edit Personal Profile?

1.Once you register you will be asked to provide more background details about yourself and your family.
2. Go to home and click on your name
3. Click on “Edit Profile”
4. You will be provided with more detailed questions about your religion, education, lifestyle, family etc.
5. Please fill them in and save it to make a complete profile.
6. Please make sure you fill in all the details because the more information you will provide the more authentic your profile      will seem, and there would be greater chances of finding your perfect match.

How to edit personal profile

Edit personal profile

How To Make A Strong Profile?

In order to create a strong and popular profile, you will need to fill in all the inquired background information about yourself and your expected partner properly.
Only then will your profile be considered 100% complete.

Partner Preference

How Does Partner Preference Work? has a partner preference feature that helps you define the kind of a life partner you are seeking.

1. Go to home and click “My Partner Preferences”

How Does Partner Preference Work

2. You will be asked to fill in a partner preference form about your desired spouse and we will send you matches suiting your      expectations regularly.
3. Fill in this form to provide details about the kind of a spouse you want.
4. Select the age limit of your spouse, their marital status and also physique specifications like built/height.


Profile Management

What is Profile Activation?

Once you provide your verification code, your details are examined and if accepted, your account will be automatically activated and you will receive your matrimony ID within 24hrs.


You can then use your email/username and password to log in and start using our services regularly.

How to Delete Profile?

If you have met your future spouse, with the help of team BandBajaBarat and want to delete your account you can use our deactivation feature to delete your profile.
1. Go to my profile
2. Click Delete Profile


How To Use The Hide/Unhide Profile Option?

If you have met someone that matches your interests and want to hide your account for a while you can chose to appear invisible to other users for some time.

If you hide yourself, you will not be able to send or receive invitations; messages etc. (Use this feature if you have stopped searching temporarily or if you have found someone but not yet sure about them)

1. Go to “My Profile”
2. Click Hide/Delete
3. You will see this open
4. You can choosethis option to hide your profile.



5. When you un-hide your profile, you will visible to all members of You will once again be able to send or receive invitations, messages etc.


How to Start Uploading Pictures?

Every member is allowed to upload a display picture on their profile. Free users can upload only one picture without any privacy. Premium members can upload several and can also place passwords on their pictures so that only they are in charge of who views their photos.

Uploading Picture

If a user wants to view someone’s picture, they need to:

1. Send email invitations or “Interest” to that member.
2. If it gets accepted, they have to send another request to “view password” for the profile pictures.
3. If the other member is willing to send this, only then you will receive the photo unlocking password and view pictures.
4. Once you have the password in your “Inbox,”you will enter it here and unlock the photos.

Uploading Picture

Why is your picture blur even after you have finished registration?

Soon after your profile is registered, you will notice that your profile picture is showing up blur. The reason for that canbethe authentication process that is taking place in the administration panel. You might need to wait for a day before your profile picture is screened and approved.

How To Make Picture Galleries:

Free members are allowed to upload any one picture, and paid members can upload from 5-10 pictures at a time.

How To Place Picture Privacy?

Yes, Premium users are allowed to place passwords on their pictures which will make their photos blur to other users, until they accept their invitations and add them on their match list.

How Can I View Pictures That Have Passwords On Them?

You will have to make sure that you ask the user for a specific password that he/she has placed on their pictures in order to view them. If the other member is willing to send this, only then will you receive the photo unlocking password in your email inbox and view pictures.

Can Users See Each Other’s Pictures Once An Invitation Is Accepted?

Yes and no both. It depends on the kind of payment plan that the users are subscribed to. For example, if the user is a free member you can see their picture, but if a silver or gold member has a picture password in their gallery and profile image, you will still be connected but unable to view their pictures due to their privacy settings.

Trust Badges

What are Trust Badges?

Members who update their profiles properly are given trust badges which appear on their profiles, these badges will show the credibility of the profiles.

To add a trust badge, you will need to provide your phone number and your profile will be authenticated and screened by our admin panel. You will be verified about the status of your profile through email/text messages. This feature is important because it gives your profile the value it deserves.

Trust Badges

Privacy and Protection

How to Block a User?

If you feel you want to block a profile which is harassing towards you, you can use our block feature to block them permanently. They will be notified that you have chosen to do so. These members will not be able to contact you or express interest in you anymore; likewise even you cannot contact them.

1. Click Search.
2. Go to basic search.
3. Enter the ID or the name for the person that you want to block and find them.
4. Go to their profile and click the “Block” button to remove them permanently.

How to edit personal profile

How To Unblock a User?

To unblock a member you have previously blocked you will have to:

1. Go to home
2. You will see an option saying “Blocked By You”
3. Click that and a page will open where all the blocked users will show up
4. Select the user you want to unblock and click “Unblock”

Unblock User

How To See People Who Visited You?

Members can use our “Explore” feature to see who has chosen to decline your invitations;theExplore option also allows you to view the visitors who viewed your profile recently.

1. Go to Home
2. Look up “Recent visitors”
3. Click it and found people who have visited your profile.

Recent Visitors

Viewed Profiles

How To Search People Who Blocked You?

Furthermore, you can also view members you have blocked or those who have blocked you.

1. Go to home
2. Click “Who Blocked you” or “Blocked By you

Who Blocked

Blocked Members

BandBajaBarat Matchmaking

How Does Our Match Making Work?

BandBajaBarat has a superior match making mechanism, we offer match making services according to your religion/marital status/community information on a daily basis.

We offer Daily Recommendations, New Matches, Preferred Matches, Two Way Matches, and Broader Matches for people who actively want to hunt their matches.

Match Making Work

Using Search

How To Use Search?

BandBajaBarat offers two kinds of search systems:

1. Basic search
2. Advanced search
3. Go to search and find them like this

Use Search

What Is Basic Search And How To Use It?

The basic search option enables a simple quick search for profiles according to their gender, marital status and cast details.

What Is Advanced Search And How To Use It?

Our Advanced search system will allow the user to find matches using more filters. Users are asked to describe more details about the kind of partners they seek based on mother tongue, physical status, location, horoscope and lifestyle etc. Once the advanced search is complete the available results will be displayed.


What is a premium membership?

A paid membership is known as a premium membership in

How many memberships are there?

We provide free registration to all users worldwide. Apart from that, we have threeamazingpremium membership plans as well.

1. Silver
2. Gold
3. Platinum

Membership Benefits

The premium members enjoy special features such as email messagesand live chat services. When you click on our Register link, you will be asked if you want a premium membership or not, you can add in your payment details there if you want to promote your profile more to other users.

Reaching Other Members of BandBajaBarat

How To Communicate With Other Members?

You can contact other users of BandBajaBarat using our “Send Interest”and the “Send Email” option. You can also chat with online members.

How to “Send Interest”?

You have found someone that matches your expectations and you want to express interest; you can send invite to the person to interact with you.

1. Open a profile you like
2. Click “send interest”
3. Wait for the response now

Communicate with members

If your invitation is accepted by the user, you can start networking right away. Our premium members interact through sending or receiving email messages, requests or invitations and chat services.

How To Send Invite Reminders To Users?

If you have already sent an invitation of interest and still haven’t received a reply you can send a reminder to the user.

1. Go to your “Inbox”
2. In the invitations panel
3. Click “Sent”
4. Find the list of the “Sent Invitations”
5. A list of your invitations will open here
6. Find anyone you want to send a reminder, then click “Send Reminder”
7. You can also delete a request that you have already sent by clicking “Reject”

Sent Invitation

How To Use Our Chat Service?

Our chat works very simply, all you have to do is upgrade your plan to avail chat. After you have upgraded you will see the “Chat now” option in profile.

1. Open a profile you want to chat with
2. Make sure you have “Sent interest” previously and you both are connected
3. You both will also have to upgrade because only then will you be able to use the chat option.
4. Go to the profile you would like to chat with and click the “Chat now” option

Chat Now

How To Chat With Online Members?

Once you upgrade, you will see online members to chat with. Just click on the member you want to start chatting with and start your chat.

You will see online members on the right side of your profile.

Online Members

How To Ask For Phone Number?

If you’re a premium member you can send email messages to users and ask for their contact details.

1. Click on a profile and use the “Phone Number” option to ask for the user’s number.
2. The system will send an automatic email requesting the contact details of that member.
3. Once they send you their details you can see that in your “Inbox”

Phone Number

Sent Email

How To Send/Receive Email Messages?

You can also choose to send/receive emails of members by using the “Send Email” option.

1. Go to inbox
2. Click “Compose mail” to send an email
3. Click “Inbox” to view your received messages


How To Check Invitations And Requests?

1. Go to “inbox”
2. Click “Invitations”
3. Check how many requests you have received and accept/reject them according to your own wish.


How Can I Keep Invites On Pending?

If you are unsure about any member, you can always keep them on pending

1. Go to inbox
2. See your Requests panel
3. Click “Received” and go to the user request you want to keep on pending
4. Click on “Later” to keep that request for later consideration.


Received Requests

Information That BandBajaBarat Collects From You

What Information Does Bandbajabarat Collect From You?

As you can see, BandBajaBarat gathers various details about you when you are a registering as a fresh member.

Basically, the information that we collect are gathered step by step.

First comes your basic info, then your religion and family background, then educational and career details, you are even inquired about your annual income. Moreover, you will be asked to share about the type of family you have, your siblings, your life interests, favorite movies and books, and in the end your partner expectations, (specifically).


Band Baja Barat is here to offer you the best online matrimonial services. Take advantage of our special features to find a partner that matches your preferences. Join us to begin your delightful journey today!