chacha dholu

Hello everybody! Let’s meet our very own Chacha Dholu!

Chacha Dholu is a very important personality in the Band Baja Barat team; he plays the character of the matchmaking expert all the while making funny comments which will make you laugh every time you see him appear on your screen.

Among kids and the elderly, ChachaDholu will never stop with his hilarious comments; he is the chief guest of every event. Without him, gatherings are completely lifeless.

The word “chacha” means paternal uncle in Urdu/Hindi.

ChachaDholu, is mostly seen carrying around his brown Dhol, which is often heard during weddings and mehindi’s. Dholu is a middle class man, he used to dance at weddings and mimic actors ever since he was a kid, now that his parodies and dancing is so famous, people especially call him at their events to make their weddings exceptional and the guests delighted.

He’s a bit frail but otherwise an extremely intelligent old man. He solves problems with common sense, but with a touch of humor. The people who know him notice that he never uses gadgets and technologies but instead its widely known that, Chacha Chaudhary ka dimaag computer se bhi tez chalta hai (His mind works faster than any computer).

Chacha Dholu’s attire includes his cute blue turban, two wooden sticks used to play his dhol which is usually handing down his neck, a bright yellow kurta, a red waistcoat with a double inside pocket, a maroon dhoti, and a pocket watch. His household consists of his Begum (Wife or Chachi), and a cute parrot named “Mithu”.

Chacha enjoys eating Laddu and Mithai (sweets) at weddings with relish but Gulaab Jamunis his biggest weakness, he usually takes off with Mithu on his shoulder with his dhol to amuse people in his neighbor whenever Chachi nags him about eating sweets a lot because he has high sugar.

If you’re a Pakistani or an Indian you will surely relate to him because, there is one such “Chacha” in every Desi household. He will make you feel at home while you’re at your search for the perfect spouse here at Band Baja Barat.