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Arranged marriages date back to centuries ago, parents or extended family help pick a spouse for their eligible children. But, with the advancement of the Internet, social entrepreneurs and founded matrimonial services that are similar to American dating sites but focus more on educational, cast and family background rather than personality-based matching criteria. Band Baja Barat is also a worldwide matrimonial site, but we are proud to be world apart from regular dating sites.

What Makes Us Different?

Band Baja Barat was launched just to help people from all over the world find their perfect match keeping the same cultural customs and respect alive, leading to happy successful marriages.

As a traditional matrimonial website, Band Baja Barat is proud to declare that we are firmly against dating and strictly avoid promoting affairs before marriage as well. Our mission is to help genuine people, willing to get married, reach their desirable partners.

Also, one doesn’t have to be potential bride or grooms to use our services, but parents and loved ones from all across the globe can vigorously use our matrimonial services for discovering spouses for their sons/daughters, siblings, cousins or friends etc.

Our site is one which targets the urban, educated middle class of various religions in large cities and towns all across the globe.

If you’re feeling left out and keep running into useless options around you, which aren’t simply for you, then that’s where Band Baja Barat steps in, with our superior matchmaking services, we arrange matches even if users are far away from each other using our most active and instrumental match-maker tools. We blend religion modestly with the understanding that if people were based on compatibility, there’d be less hassle with more fulfilling relationships in the world.

Don’t Worry!

Have you ever wondered that your perfect marriage partner might just be one single click away? We are here to serve as a fantastic medium which brings two individuals close through marriage.

Band Baja Barat provides privacy at the same time with security, offering customers total control of their pictures with easy features that help them identify, filter and contact appropriate spouses.

You have complete control over who you want to accept or reject, your photos will be private if you choose them to be, and no one will approach you without your permission.

We understand the needs and concerns of our registered users and their parents all over the world through our tireless researches and numerous analyses.

We are best known for our:

Various choices: More than you need

Security features: Safety and protection enabled

Easy search: Trouble free and straight forward investigations

Interactive mode: Two way communication

Inclusive profile: Wide-ranging summaries

Authenticity: Faithful and accurate information about users

Trust factor: Great reliability and dependency

In the near future we will also be launching our very own mobile app which will make surfing easier on the go.

Please take some time out to get to know our website us via the links provided by us. Stay tuned and most probably our data will help you decide if we are providing a preferable solution for you, or somebody you care about.

Good luck in finding your special someone!

Team Band Baja Barat