Desi traditional weddings are widely known for their “Dhoom Dharakka,” and multiple extravagant ceremonies and lavish celebrations.

After baat pakki, the first event that kicks off the wedding bells is the engagement ceremony. This ritual is commonly known in Urdu as the “Mangni” ritual in Pakistan and most parts of Asia. If you’re not married yet, you can also pin for an engagement like the one describe here, and you will be left definitely amazed at the role the team Band Baja Barat will play in getting you engaged.

The engagement is one such ceremony which marks the beginning of the bond called Shaadi (marriage). Mangni is also known as the “Sagai” ceremony in India or commonly “Ring Ceremony” in almost every part of the world.

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Normally, this function only takes place in the presence of a few close members of the would-be bride and groom’s families; hence very few special outsiders are invited. Using Band Baja Barat you can be one of those lucky couples who have found their perfect matches with our advance search system and superior matchmaking skills.

During an engagement, the couple is dressed formally, the groom with a shalwar kameez or a proper suit, a crisp tie with all the polish, and mostly the bride favors having a terrific engagement makeover done from a beauty salon. The frills of her frock spread all around her, and beautiful mehndi (henna) applied over her hands and feet.

Don’t think these preps happen overnight; in fact they start ages ago. The girl soon after her baat pakki, starts searching up thousands of makeup pages and online tutorials. Meticulous planning is done by the couple for they know they have to look picture perfect on the stage and in their Facebook displays once they are mangnified 😉

Now, wait a sec, who said women can’t have a hand in the selection of their own engagement rings? Because they’re absolutely wrong. Of course they can, if they want to; after all they’re the ones who have to wear them. These days, diamond rings are trending with a flourish. Nearly all young ladies dream about having a hefty diamond, or a white gold ring placed on their finger by their beloved.

The delightful couple is fully aware that both of them are the stars of the evening. They take the stage along with the attention that is thrown to them, sparkling just like the engagement rings in their velvet cases.

Flowers, dry fruits, mithai (sweets), and the most awaited thing: The diamond rings are exchanged by the couple in the middle of loud cheers from adolescents of both sides.

Bride Suits

Bride Suits

As soon as the pair finally takes each other’s hand with the rings on, cameras around them flicker and zoom simultaneously at a dangerous speed. Sometimes as a family tradition, the bride is gifted with jewels, heels or dresses and the groom is also presented with similar gifts by his in-laws.

Bride Gifts

Bride Gifts

The bride’s family places special garlands around the groom’s neck, and then along with best wishes, stuff loads of gulab jamun into his mouth, the bride is also treated likewise. Both families enjoy feeding the poor couple until the point where they are forced to say, “Bas uncle, please aur nahi.” Or, “Anty please thori si mithai, poori nai!”



Special prayers and blessings for the couple are then recited and the marriage date is also decided by elders during the function. After the dinner and refreshment, the engagement cake is cut in the midst of huge applause by the excited cousins and relatives from both the families.

Hallelujah! From this point onwards, with the guidance of Band Baja Barat, both sides begin vigorously preparing for the big day_the Wedding!