For those of you who don’t know what a baat pakki, or a rishta pakka is, well, basically this is a sort of an engagement! Wait, not an actual engagement. Errr, confused?
No wonder, you must be, because in a typical arranged marriage, the first ever ceremony that takes place is the post proposal rasam, the baat pakki at the bride’s house.
The proposal ceremony takes place after both families of the potential bride and groom to be, officially announce their declarations of commitment among loads of sweet eatables and laughter.

This isn’t just a one-meeting procedure.

In fact, during the first few meetings, both families try to connect with each other over tea and formal talks. Band Baja Barat will come for your rescue in this step; we will be there to assist you in providing you with the best match making services according to your preference. Generally the prospective girl talks to her mother in law about various things including her domestic, educational and social life. The same happens with the man that’s to be the groom.

Only after approvals from both parents, the couple is allowed to talk for some time. The girl’s parents are usually hesitant in agreeing to give their precious daughter away on two or three meetings, so in most cases this process includes several inquiries and meet-ups between both clans.

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Bride to Be

Subsequently, the very first ceremony that takes place is a proposal approval get-together or the above mentioned Baat Pakki at the bride’s house, where the groom’s parents and family members officially ask the bride’s parents for her hand in marriage. Both families come prepare for the final seal on the matter; the groom’s parents bring souvenirs and bouquets for the small ceremony, expecting a good alliance with the bride’s parents, and her relatives as well.

When the proposal or rishta is accepted, the girl’s family gives their word, that they are happy to wed their daughter into that family. This promise is mostly wrapped with the mother in law presenting her son’s wife to be with a chunri or a dupatta, along with flowers around her neck and loads of mithai, sweets, gifts and tokens. All these tokens are intended for the girl and her family.

Bride Suit

Bride Gift

With this pledge, both families decide to plan a formal engagement by agreeing upon the date of the event.

The wedding bells of a typical Pakistani/Muslim wedding hence begin to ring form this moment onwards.