bride groom mehndi

bride groom mehndi

It’s really ironic these days that our society repeatedly frowns on people who are keen to marry young.
Parents want their children to be established, educated and financially stable first, before they even start thinking about their marriages.

husband wife

husband wife

What we are missing is that getting married on the right age is a good thing, a noble thing. A thing which God himself admires a lot.

Therefore, we have been compiling some reasons for you to start thinking about your wedding while you are young.

1. You Actually Grow Up Together
It’s always awesome to get married early because you and your partner actually have the chance to grow up together; there is always room for something else when you’re young. You don’t regret the years you didn’t spend with each other_because you have already spent them together. Plus, you have a lifetime of happy moments ahead of you.

2. Having Babies When You’re Young Is Always Good
Scientifically, having babies during your twenties is the best thing for you. These days however, it’s a social practice that people are having their first baby after the age of thirty. And they consider it pretty normal too.
The early twenties of our lives are really valuable and people should consider the dropping fertility rates and the increased risk that late pregnancies cause these days before opting for late marriages.

3. It’s Easier To Mold Yourself When You’re Young
It’s true! People have fewer difficulties in compromising for their companions if they are young.
They mold themselves perfectly for the sake of their young love and understand the requirements of a healthy marriage. On the other hand, adults who have been spending their lives their way have enormous complications when they get hitched.

4. You Build A Career Earlier On Because Of Your Marriage
If you’re young and already starting a family during your twenties, you know that you should look after and provide for it as well. You understand your responsibilities towards your spouse, which automatically means you set yourself up professionally earlier on. Instead of wasting time trying out new things, you focus and build a career with your partner’s enthusiastic support.

5. You Get To Boast Being A Young Parent
Hey! You’re here with your sister? “Errrrr, No! That’s my mom dude.”
If you’re a young parent it’s highly possible that you might have gone through the same scenario more than several times. Isn’t it something you can be proud of? You get to spend a lot of time with your kids, more over you get to see your grandchildren and goof around with them as well.

6. You Don’t Get Involve In Sins
This is perhaps the best benefit of being wedded young. You never have the chance to commit sins and you don’t go through the misery of keeping multiple affairs and relationships which always seem to end up badly.

We must encourage our young adults to marry young, parents should stop hoping that their children marry later and start preparing them to start their lives if they are ready.

It’s remarkable to be married while you’re still young, as long as you’re sure of your faith, yourself and your life partner.