If you’re a non-desi attending a typical “Desi” wedding for the first time, you might be overwhelmed. In fact, not just overwhelmed, but simply stupefied. Have you ever wondered why people love weddings?

We all love our good old Desi weddings dearly, despite the fact that they often question our mental well being by the huge amount of food, music, band baja and dancing involved in the never ending ceremonies. The term Desi Weddings can be substituted by Indian or Pakistani cultural Weddings, in fact, all South Asian weddings in general fall under this category.

Even though one may have thousands of reasons to look forward to attend the lively rasams and the dhol geet, here are the top five:

The FOOD! 


Oh common! Admit it, will you? You’re also attending for the love of awesome food. Fortunately for foodies, the food in a desi wedding never stops. EVER. And it’s the top reason why people never ignore wedding invitations. The food factor functions as a sort of a magnet which draws people towards the function automatically.


One simply runs out of enough hashtags to explain their love of food in desi weddings on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Tikkay? Yes. Biryani? Why not? Chicken Qorma? Bring it on. Gulaab Jamun? Absolutely Yes. Lassi? One more glass please. Pan? Check. A chance of being Obese? Check all the way!

For The Sake Of Selfies & Family Photos

                  “Hey, hey, has anyone seen that selfie stick again?”


Okay, Ready? Set? Pout! *Snap* Tongues out! *Snap* Wink *Snap* Mehndi clad hands? *Snap* Lets point towards the bride and groom, *Snap Snap Snap*


Photography and videos never halt in a desi wedding, from the minute that the groom arrives – a literal prince on his white horse or any flashy drive (can also be an elephant-no kidding), to the moment when the bride arrives blushing on the altar, not with just her father, but her entire family.

A Chance to Dress Up & Apply Mehndi  

Girls and Boys love to shop and dress up for weddings, because they know they have the power to transform themselves into different personalities altogether! That Lehnga/Sharara? Oh, that weighs twice as much as you do. No wonder we can’t take our eyes off the costumes and the gold/silver jewels.




The must haves for men going to desi weddings are the matching sherwani’s which do really well on the dance floor.

Be it Holi, Eid or a Shadi, girls just need any reason to pose in their flashy dresses and high heels. Also, the thought of applying mehndi designs on their hands and feet, and the scent of henna, undoubtedly makes them jump in glee.

Loads Of Dancing, Dholki’s & the Gossips 


As soon as it’s confirmed that the wedding is just a few days away, the dance practices start on both the sides, which grows furiously fast as the big day approaches.

“Dude? Show me your moves!” What have you done if you haven’t danced with the full intention of breaking the floor in a Desi wedding?


All the older women and men, the typical uncle aunties and even small kids shake and move with the beats as long as they finally manage to pull of the perfect desi thumka.” 

   The Quest For Suitable Proposals aka Rishtay 😉

This is a big hidden reason behind the eagerness of attending a Indian/Pakistani wedding. People simply will never stop looking for their dream suitors, all the while flaunting themselves in their best attire, *ahem ahem*.

Love Weddings

Love Weddings

The mothers of single men/women casually inquire about pretty young girls and hence cleverly use a desi wedding to select the best match for their sons or daughters.

Now, wait a minute, Won’t this be an alarming thing for the girls and guys who are already hooked up?

Nonetheless, the atmosphere during the arrival of the baraat, the bhangra’s, the numerous rasams, the flowers, the gifts, the love, the laughter and the clicks of pictures are the things one can never cease to resist, especially the bubbly aunties who claim to be forever young in their shocking red lipsticks and mountains of sparkling gold.


Desi weddings? Yes, totally worth it. Absolutely.