Most couples these days think about what it actually takes to be a virtuous Muslim and have are mark ably happy, fun filled married life. As much contradictory as it sounds, this is possible if we keep in mind the following references for a joyful relationship of marriage in Islam.

Marriage In The Eyes Of Allah:

In the Holy Quran, upon the topic of marriage and husband-wife relationship in Islam, it is written,

“And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them, and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.” [Qur’an: Chapter 30, Verse 21]

Islam is a religion of justice and equality, both the partners are said to have equal rights on each other.

“And they (women) have rights (over their husbands as regards living expenses) similar (to those of their husbands) over them (as regards obedience and respect) to what is reasonable” [Al-Baqarah 2:228]

How Prophet Muhammad PBUH Treated His Wives:

The prophet Muhammad PBUH has set an exceptional example of life after marriage, from the start of his marital life with Hazrat Khadija RA, he has practically demonstrated how one should treat their women if they have more than one of them in his marriage.

Holy Prophet PBUH said: “The best among you are those who behave best toward their wives. I am the best among you toward his wives. The best among you is the one who is the kindest to his wife and the worst among you is the one who treats his wife badly.”Narrated by al-Tirmidhi

Responsibilities of a Husband in Islam:

Food and Shelter:

It’s a husband’s responsibility to provide for his wife and look for her needs.

Providing things for wife and kids:

A man should seen be favorably spending on his family and wife and children.

The Prophet (S.A.W.) said: Whatever a Muslim man buys for his wife has a reward similar to that of charity.


A husband has been ordered by Islam to give his wife the amount of Haq Mehar. Mehar is the money that is agreed upon by the husband to give his wife after the marriage.

Fair And Kind Treatment:

A husband must be kind and thoughtful towards his wife, he should not be harsh and controlling all the time, this behavior will make his wife rebellious to him and their marriage will suffer because of it.
If he has more than one wife, he must provide for them equally and demonstrate justice among all his wives.

It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

“The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘Be kind to women.’”(Narrated by al-Bukhari, 3153; Muslim, 1468).

The Prophet of Allah (Peace Be Upon Him) said:

“He who has two wives and leans to be as opposed to the other will come on the Day of Resurrection with one of his sides fallen.”

Hadis Quote

Hadis Quote

Using His Position As Decision Maker:

Although, a wife has to be treated with all the love and care in the world, but a man must not always agree to all the things that his wife is asking or demanding wrongfully. Some women wish to be improper in a number of ways and their husbands allow them to be, for this they will be asked in the hereafter as they have been made the decision maker of the household and given this authority over their women by Allah.

Responsibilities of a Wife in Islam:


A wife is required to obey her husband and not be rebellious to him, a husband is allowed to lead the marital life by law, hence, the wife should follow his instructions as long as they are not haram or unlawful to Islam.

Respecting The Husband And Being Loyal To Him:

A Muslim wife should know her duties when she is entering a marriage. She has to respect her husband alone and publicly as well, must not share his secrets with her family or friends. She should also maintain her chastity and remain utmost loyal to her husband.

Accepting And Appreciating Her Husband:

A good wife will always be appreciative of her husband’s deeds and not complain a the time. For example, when he comes home, she must greet him pleasantly and ask about his day rather than demanding or getting upset on the things he forgot to bring on his way back.

Allah says:

“… If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.” [Qur’an: Chapter 14, Verse 7]

Sexual Submission:

A wife must fulfill her husband’s need, a major right that a husband has upon his wife is that he should be able to enjoy her (physically).

If he has married a woman and she has agreed fora relationship of marriage in Islam through contract, and he has provided mehar also, then he has full rights to ask her to please his sexual needs.

If she refuses to respond, she is committing a major sin, unless she has a valid reason.

“The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘When a man calls his wife to his bed and she refuses, and he went to sleep angry with her, the angels will curse her until morning.’” (Narrated by al-Bukhari, 3065; Muslim, 1436)

These were some major Islamic references of Quran and Sunnahon marriage relationship in Islam between a husband and wife, we hope you found them useful. Please feel free to comment, if you are facing any problems in your marriage and need our help.