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Have you ever wondered why people lie? Here’s the thing; everyone lies, or we can say, we all “Omit the truth” sometimes.
We learn the power and benefit of lying from the age of four. The first lying isn’t malicious, but rather a test to see if we can get away with small harmless manipulations.

Parents lie to their children themselves, thoughtlessly teaching them that lies are acceptable. “Tell your aunt that mama isn’t home,” “We will buy you a remote toy if you be a nice boy,” then eventually we get mad when kids use the same technique and begin using lies to get themselves out of trouble.

As we grow older, our habit of lying increases depending on our variable human natures. The thing about lying is, if people do too much of it, it becomes a practice they can’t survive without. It’s really troubling to know that there are a lot of people who lie on a regular basis, for personal gains of course.


Generally, lies are motivated due to some reasons.

They Want To Impress You

You’ve been together for a while and are considering taking your relationship to a new level. Maybe that’s the reason behind your lies; you want to impress your partner to be.

The problem here might be that most people have very little self-esteem. They might want to make themselves a bit more interesting particularly.

The thing to keep in mind here is that lying will only solve problems on the short term, but will ruin things on the long term. Especially if the lies told get discovered.

People Lie To Protect Themselves Or Someone They love:

Now, this can be a seemingly harmless type of a lie, people say that they didn’t want to hurt their family or friends, but we just have to make sure we understand that the need to protect shouldn’t be so much that instead of protection the person gets even more hurt due to the lies.

Somebody Is Cheating On You

We all know the most common reason behind lies these days is infidelity. Men and women can lie every single day to hide the fact that they are interested in or seeing someone else.


Some children or grown people lie just because they are too scared for the truth to be discovered.

Your kid broke your dinner set and now he is lying as a reflex to avoid being grounded.

People can be afraid of what might happen if they told the truth. They did something wrong and are afraid of the consequences of their actions, so they lie to cover up what they did.

They are very weak individuals who cannot afford losing the people they claim to be in love with, hence they use lies as their escorts.

To Manipulate You:

These kinds of liars are the worst; they just simply want things done their way so they lie until they get you to do it. They have no shame in cunningly stirring your emotions and getting you to do things they want.

What to do about it?

  • Don’t be too severe to children: As a parent, the most important message you can send your children about lying is that you always — always — want them to come clean with you. Never be too stern with your kids, (They might stop sharing things with you if you are).
  • You MUST stop lying yourself! If you resist the temptation to lie, you increase your capacity to build lasting relationships of trust. This can be applied to every relationship, marriage, family, friends or at work.

“It’s always best to be honest. It makes any and every relationship strong and healthy.”

  • Avoid Liars: if you have caught somebody who is a chronic liar, kindly start avoiding them. These type of people are simply no good for you.
  • Confront them:  If you feel like someone is lying in front of you to avoid something, very quietly take them to a corner and ask them in a non-attacking manner, “Why did you say that when we both know that it wasn’t the truth? Would you mind sharing it with me?”
  • Check their body language: when you suspect you’re being lied to, you just have to closely observe their body language while they are talking. If they are too fidgety, avoiding eye contact and speaking too fast; chances are that they are lying.