A wedding ceremony is the most important event of a person’s life. For a Muslim bride to be, looking gorgeous is very important on her special day. Here are some Beauty Tips For Brides to be to ensure that her wedding day goes off without a hitch.

People spend months on planning a desi wedding, they run from one place to another, reject thousands of ideas before selecting one.

In the midst of all this urgency, the traditional Muslim bride usually forgets to do one thing – to take care of herself.
We have jotted down few life saving tips for the Muslim bride to be, in the middle of her wedding chaos.

Some Weeks Before The Wedding

Don’t keep all the parlor arrangements for the last day; this will make things more difficult for you when your wedding week arrives.

Fix an appointment with the skin specialist or four weeks prior. It’s best to start resoling issues right away, rather than applying hundreds of product at the start of the wedding week.

Give your skin space to breathe, don’t just apply any beauty enhancement product without fully knowing what it does, and if it will suit your skin or not.

If your skin is oily apply some lemon over it to remove the excess oil. Start consuming lemon with water in an empty stomach on a daily basis. Taking lemon with water is just like taking a bath from the inside of your body.

Try and wear a good moisturizer daily all over your body and exfoliate your neck, arms and face at least once a week.
If you haven’t tried waxing before, it’s best if you try now. Don’t wait until your wedding to do it, in case your skin becomes red and sensitive then.

Start growing your nails. Shot and unkempt nails look very shabby on the bride, as the camera lens isn’t going to do anything to hide them.

Before going to bed each night, wash your face properly and apply rose water over your face. A clean and dirt-free face will help keep your pores open. This will help your skin to breathe better. Follow up with toning that will help tighten the pores.

Make sure you use olive oil to polish your nails too, or even better, take regular manicure and pedicure.
Avoid crash dieting for your wedding, this may cause dark circles to appear on your face, which will make you look bad without makeup.

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

Continue your routine facials and manicures. Make sure you don’t try something new, only use trusted and applied products for your use.

What’s even better, keep searching home remedies for a glowing skin. This is better since it won’t require you to go outdoors.

Try to watch tutorials on YouTube about Muslim bride and look up for any small tip or hack which could be of any use to you.

Completely cut off junk food from your diet.

Wear a good bb cream and take an umbrella whenever you go out. Its better to start winding up your shopping, because you mostly want to stay indoors now. Make a hair trimming appointment now, it can also be highlighting or whatever you want to do. Avoid trying a totally new haircut as that’s going to be really risky if it turns out bad.

Appoint someone for applying ubtan (turmeric) to your body every day. This is going to make your skin glow radiantly.
It’s best to apply it before bath and then rinse it off with milk for awesome results.

One Week Before The Wedding

One Week Before The Wedding

One Week Before The Wedding

Make sure you get your beauty sleep. For a girl who is getting married, more than 8 hours of sleep is essential for a fresh face.

The desi relatives of a Muslim bride never like to see her sleep deprived on the main functions of the marriage.
Before your wedding, you have to make sure you have the perfect eye brows, try sorting it out it this week, get it trimmed and shaped, you can even go for waxing near your brows if you feel like.

Take plenty of fresh juices and coconut water to get the reddish shade on your cheeks.
Stay at home. Don’t panic and learn to shrug things off, you can’t control everything that’s going wrong. It’s better to focus on what can be done instead of pondering on what could have been done.

On The Wedding Day

Okay! So your big day is here at last.
Avoid panicking. Try doing for one thing at a time. The first thing that you need to get ready before you leave for the salon is your “bridal bag,” you need to make sure you get a close cousin or a friend to get this packed.

Here are some of the things that should be in your bag:

Lots of tissue papers, your jewelry, your lehanga and your blouse (the dress that every Muslim bride wears), some snapshots and photos of the bridal look you have in mind, hair pins, safety pins, cotton buds (in case your eye makeup goes wrong), makeup remover, cell phone charger (the most important thing), your makeup kit, a straw (in case you need to drink water or juice) and one regular slipper along with your bridal sandals.

Another useful tip is that you have to keep in mind to wear a front open shirt to the parlor; this will save the struggle you will go through while taking your shirt off – after your makeup is applied.

When your makeup is being applied, make sure you put in your suggestions in front of the expert, some brides want to attain glamorous attire, while others prefer a simpler, cute look.

This can happen only if you guide the makeup artist to work on the tones you have set.

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

After your makeup and hair is done, you need to check one most important thing while your dupatta is being set. Can you move your head from side to side? Can you touch your ear to your shoulder? If yes, then you’re good to go, if no then you’re going to be stuck in that stiff front position like a statue all through the event night. This mistake is very common in which the salon workers pin the dupatta on your head and take it to your shoulder in a straight line and then pin the dupattas on both side. Try to keep some inches of extra cloth lose between the head and shoulder.
One last thing: spray some perfume on and take a selfie to check if everything seems satisfactory.

We know being a bride is a very special feeling and is a memory you will treasure all your life, that’s why we want you to look relaxed and comfortable on your day.

Like the wedding attires, the themes of photographing a Muslim bride has also evolved and come a long way from traditional techniques. Make sure you enjoy your wedding with your close ones as much as possible; it’s going to be a really tiring, fun-filled day ahead. You will capture these moments in pictures, beside your soul mate, with a big smile on your face.

So, this was definitely not rocket science,in fact these are just simple tips which are damn easy to follow. Give them a try to get the look of the ultimate flawless Asian Muslim bride.