Aaqib and Beenish

Hello, I am Beenish and I’m very glad to share my success story with all of you today.It is said that marriages are made in heaven, but BandBajaBarat is the place where they are searched.Me and my husband Aaqib’s family were really worried for our marriages because we are from a different community which is in a minority. When we set out to search for life partners BandBajaBarat came out to our rescue. I found his matrimony profile on BandBajaBarat and from there our story started. When I saw that on his profile, something clicked inside me there and then.

We started chatting through the chat feature of the best matrimony portal, BandBajaBarat and slowly got to know each other. I found him to be very polite and caring. He then asked for my mobile number which I gave to him after talking to him for two months and after that the rest is history. Our families met and they instantly liked each other; within days we both were engaged and today I can say I’m proud to have a husband like him. We are happily married, enjoying and treasuring our precious moments. A million thanks to Team BandBajaBarat, all the credit goes to them.