Habib and Saarah

Every love story is perfect, but ours is my favorite. I am Saarah, an MBBS and a doctor by profession. Back when my mother was searching proposals, for me I used to be really worried about my future as I needed someone who could really support instead of holding me back.

I always had an idea that being a traditional Asian woman; I’d probably have issues after my marriage due to my dedication towards my job.

I discovered BandBajaBarat.com when someone from my relatives praised it in front of my family.
I’ll forever be grateful to BandBajaBarat because it made my dreams come true! It was the best matrimony portal that I could log into. I found loads of profiles among which I could choose. I started looking into Habib’s profile because he expressed interest in me despite knowing my work choices even after marriage.

Those were the best moments when we started interacting through text messages and then calls. Habib showed me what love is, all the time being very affectionate and appreciative to me and my work choices.He had no issues with my late night shifts and workaholic attitude; in fact he used to admire that in me, saying that was the attractive part of me.

Today we both are happily married with a bond which grows stronger day by day. I have managed to keep my job and husband satisfied. Big thumbs up to Band Baja Barat, without it I wouldn’t be here writing this.