shahid and madiha

Like every person in this world, we both had expectations about our future life partners. To be very honest, we were both at a stage in our lives where we weren’t sure if we would find our soul mate. Then we connected, through, and a whole new world opened up for us.

I went through a lot of profiles at BandBajaBarat and found Madiha’s profile among them. I expressed interest to her and she accepted. Later I came to know that her profile was made by her mother who filled in details on her behalf. I talked to her mother first and got to know small details about her. Later we both were introduced to each other on Skype and I liked her at once.

Gradually, our families met and developed a good understanding; it was just like all of our dreams were coming true. After a hard day at office, when I used to talk to her, all of my worries used to melt away at the sound of her enthusiastic voice. If someone asks me why I chose Madiha, I would say I have no idea, it’s just that I love being with her.

I want to express my gratitude to BandBajaBarat, it is the best matrimony portal one can find, your unique features; user friendly interface and the widest profile range have made it extremely convenient for two people to tie their knots. Thank you so much!