Security and privacy tips for BandBajaBarat.

BandBajaBarat Security Tips

Following are the BandBajaBarat Security Tips

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BandBajaBarat Security Tips

Your security & safety is BandBajaBarat’s top concern. We want to make sure your account is 100% safe with us.

We take great care to screen and authorize every profile that is created.We are doing our part, but you should also keep in mind some things while you’re using our matrimony portal.

Remember the following security tips to ensure you go through a great match making experience with us.
1. Never hand your password or account information to anyone.
2. Make sure you don’t fall prey to the fake users and hand out personal information before verifying their profile.
3. Take it slow until you are sure. Don’t share your real name and home address on with anyone unless you are pretty sure about them.
4. Stop communication with anyone who is pressing you for private information. Report them to us as soon as possible.
5. Instead of having arguments with abusive people, block them immediately and file a report against them with their matrimony Id.

Be Scam Alert When:

Someone asks you to make conversation outside BandBajaBarat
Asks you money or account credentials
Becomes serious about you real quick
Refuses to talk in detail about his family and location
Asks for you address
Wants to meets you as soon as you start talking

Sharing Photos:

When using make sure to protect your photos properly. Always try to lock your profile picture and gallery with a password.

Use our special photo password feature, if you feel like showing your pictures to another user you can share it only with them.

Later if you begin to feel like you don’t like them, you can immediately go to change your password.

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First Meeting With Anyone:

When you have passed the initial stages of liking someone and have decided to take it to the next level and meet them, be very smart about it.

First of all, if you like someone enough to marry them, try to include your families at once. If they meet, and everything goes without a hitch, that’s two thumbs up. If for some reason, they can’t meet yet, but you want to meet with any member alone, please choose a crowded place to meet.

Always tell any of your family members before you meet someone, it’s better to take a friend or a relative along with you, also specifically mention the exact time and date of your meeting. Avoid meeting alone or in secluded places which are away from crowd.

Always choose your own vehicle, even if the person you are to meet offers to pick you up, don’t sit in with them without knowing them first.

BandBajaBarat does not endorse or affiliate with any third party or user. Please don’t trust anyone else using our brand name.

TeamBandBajaBarat cares about you and your loved ones, we send you warm wishes in finding your soul mate. Stay safe, stay happy!


Band Baja Barat is here to offer you the best online matrimonial services. Take advantage of our special features to find a partner that matches your preferences. Join us to begin your delightful journey today!