Complete user guide to BandBajaBarat Matrimonial.

BandBajaBarat User Guide

Here's our complete website user guide, it will provide information on how to use the site to your maximum benefit.

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User Registration

BandBajaBarat is the best matrimony service you can find online. We offer free registration to all users worldwide.

Registration Process: Our Registering process is quite simple; you can choose to register either as a free member or as a paid member. You can register on self-basis or also on behalf of someone else.

Free Registration: Go to and start providing your name, age, gender and email ID.

User Registration

Valid Phone Number:
Please make sure you are entering your valid email/phone number as we will send you the verification code on your email ID and your phone number both.

Also see that you are entering you’re the numbers properly.

When you enter your country, the system automatically generates your mobile phone country code, so you just have to enter the numbers following it.

Valid Phone Number

Don’t forget to tick on the agreement of our privacy policy. After you’re done, click on the Register Link and you will be required to answer some more questions about yourself, your lifestyle, likes/dislikes and your desired partner step by step.

After you submit your information, you will have to verify your profile via a verification code that will be sent to your mobile or email inbox.

After this step, you will be asked to wait until your profile is scanned and approved, once approved, it will be activated and you can log in using your ID.

Paid Registration:
Go to and start providing your name, age, gender and email ID.

Click on the Register Link and you will be required to answer some more questions about yourself, your lifestyle, likes/dislikes and the qualities you want in your desired partner.

After you submit your information, you will have to verify your profile via a verification code that will be sent to your given mobile number or email inbox.

Next you will have to choose your premium package for the required period. Choose your membership plan according to the benefits you need.

Paid Registration

After this, you will wait until your profile is scanned and approved, once approved, it will be activated and you can log in using your ID.

User Login

Login details:
Simply log in from the top of the home page, entering your email ID or your Matrimony ID.

User Login

Make sure you have provided your own email address and a genuine profile picture because; only then your profile will be registered.

Until the profile activation process is taking place you will be able to log in and search people but you won’t be able to interact with other users.

Matrimony ID

A Matrimony ID is a unique combination of alphabets and letters, which is used to identify you separately.
(Example: BBB-4*31*7). This ID is assigned to you when you complete your registration.

Matrimony ID

Changing Your Matrimony ID:
A matrimony ID cannot be changed by the user under any circumstances as its system generated.

User Password

While registering, make sure that you have chosen a strong password for login because it has less chances of getting leaked. Additionally, if for instance you have forgotten your password, you can use the “Forgot Password” option on our login page to get help in making a new password.


User Profile

In order to create a strong and popular profile, you will need complete your profile first, so fill in all the inquired background information about yourself and your expected partner properly. Only then will your profile be considered 100% complete.

User Profile

Profile Creation:
While creating a profile please keep in mind that a matrimonial profile is very different from a normal social profile.

You have to briefly describe your personality (your likes/dislikes), then come to your family background and educational information.

Throw in your work details and your annual salary, so people will know your worth before they approach you. Don’t try to add irrelevant particulars, and avoid racist/vulgar details.

Profile Edit/Modification:
Edit profile is the section of the site where users can make changes and modifications in their profiles.

You can edit your profile anytime, to edit your profile, log in with your ID and click on the “Edit profile” link under your name in the top navigation bar on the upper right side of the page.

Edit Personal Profile

While you’re editing your profile, you will see a section where you will be asked “More About Yourself, Partner And Family”in the end. It will say “This section will help you make a strong impression on your potential partner. So, express yourself freely.”

Here, you have to briefly provide a write-up about yourself which the members will see when they visit your profile.

If you are having troubles completing this paragraph, we will provide a “Help me write this” option to you there; by clicking it you will be given a sample paragraph which will be describing you based on the data you have so far inserted. You can either edit that information a little bit or save it as it is. You can write from min 50 words to max 1000 words in this section.

Partner and Family


Profile Pictures:
Add a recent photograph to improve chances of getting responses. Make sure your face is facing the camera and that there is no oneelsein the photo with you.

Profile Picture For Free Members:
Free members are allowed to upload only one photo and they cannot place security on them.

Profile Picture For Paid Members:
Paid members can place passwords on their profile pictures which will unlock only if they chose to provide the password to any user they like.

Creating Photo Albums:
Users are allowed to upload albums which will be called their “Photo Gallery” they can place security on them as well. (A paid member will be allowed five pictures and gold and platinum members are allowed up to ten pictures in their albums)

To do this simply go to Home and click on “My Photos”

My Photos

This will open your gallery you will see an “upload photo” option, by selecting pictures from your browser you can upload as many as ten pictures in your gallery.

Upload New Image

Pro-Tip: A profile with more than 5 photos has more chances of gaining interests. Such profiles get 20 times more response since members are likely to click on profiles with photos.

Password Protected Images:
Premium members have an option to hide their photo galleries and even place passwords on their profile pictures. You can place password on your photos by going to “Home” and selecting the “Photos” option From there you can click on “Photo Settings” and place a password on your profile picture and hence make it protected.

Photo Setting

Select “Visible to all” if you want to keep it public or choose to password protect it.

You also have the option to change the existing password.

You can also send your pictures to us:
• E-mail your photos to, mention your Profile ID and Name in the mail.
• Send your photos through post to our office,mention your Profile ID and Name at the back of the photos.
  (Insert photo album snapshot)

Partner Preference

Partner preference is an important part of matchmaking. After your registration is complete, BandBajaBarat will ask you to fill in your detailed partner preference form. You can either go to “Edit Profile” and update your preference or click on Home, then on “Partner Preference” to see your partner preference form.

Partner Preference

Partner Preference Form:
Your partner preference form asks you to describe your partner expectation in detail. You’re asked about your partner’s mother tongue, their education and profession details, their physical appearance and lifestyle information. The details you will fill up in this form will be used by us to provide you with suitable matches.

Partner Form

Reaching Other Members

With BandBajaBarat you can reach other members through the following various ways.

If you have found someone you are interested in you can express your interest with the help of our “Send Interest” option.

Send Interest

Just go to their profile and click “Send interest” If your invitation is accepted, you will be notified that now you both are connected. Note: if the user has placed privacy on their photos you might need to ask for their password through email messages.

Sending Email Messages:
Sending email messages is another way to contact with members. To send email messages, you need to make sure you have an upgraded premium membership, and that the user you’re trying to message is connected to you, (which means they have accepted your invitation).

Sending Email Messages

Go to Inbox and click on Inbox. From here you can see and compose your email conversation/messages and send it to the people you are interested in.

Email Conversation

After upgrading to any membership, you can easily access chat features as well. If you haven’t upgraded and someone has sent you a chat message, you will have to upgrade to view and reply. If you have upgraded, you can simply click on “Chat Now” on any profile.

Chat Now

Via Phone Numbers:
To make things easy for you, BandBajaBarat also allows exchanging phone numbers through our “Phone Number” option. This option is also available alongside chat.

Phone Number

You can request someone to send you their contact details through email messages, if you really want to proceed with them.


We provide free registration to all users, apart from that there are three premium membership plans in BandBajaBarat.

A paid membership is known as a premium membership, we offer three kinds of premium plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Membership Benefits

The members enjoy special benefits according to their membership plans.

Advantages of Paid Membership:
Becoming a premium member helps boosting your partner search due to the following benefits.

1. You can connect directly with profiles you like over Phone, Email or SMS.
2. Initiate unlimited chats and email messages.
3. Get faster responses from Profiles you like by attracting greater visibility.
4. Stand out in search listings as compared to free users.
5. Upload more than one picture in your gallery and place security on your photos.


Search enables people to look for other users and members, through gender, name, age or matrimony ID.

You can also fill in the search form while signing up. It’s just beside the free registration form.


Once you have registered and are a regular user of BandBajaBarat, you will see two kinds of searches.

Types Of Search

Type of Search

One is the “Basic Search,” other is “Advanced Search”

Basic Search:

Basic Search

Basic search allows people to perform a quick search on the site using some basic details like age, gender, height and religion etc.

Advanced Search:
The advanced search provides more filters. It gives you the option to narrow down your details and search for specific matches.

Advance Search

It asks you to fill in the kind of partner you are searching. Apart from some basic info, it requires the users to list their partner’s location, profession details and their education level. It also gives the filters of the kind of lifestyle you want your partner to have, their body type and diet. Apart from these, the system selects matches especially for you based on your partner preference and profile details and gives the list of matches in your daily match results.

Using Search:
You can use the search option in BandBajaBarat to perform a quick basic or an advanced search according to your requirements.

Using Search With Matrimony ID:
If you know a user’s matrimony Id, you can use search to locate them. Scroll the search page, type in their ID and click “go” You can also find users with the help of their first or last names.

Using Search

Match Making

BandBajaBarat has a superior match making mechanism, we offer match making services according to your religion/marital status/community information on a daily basis.

We offer:

1. Daily Recommendations
2. New Matches
3. Preferred Matches
4. Two Way Matches
5. Broader Matches

for people who actively want to hunt their matches.


Privacy Tips

While using BandBajaBarat, you will have to make sure that your profile is safe and private.

Your privacy is totally in your hands at BandBajaBarat.

You have to “Accept” every invitation yourself, if you don’t like their profile; you can always reject, and vice versa.

You can choose to keep your profile picture hidden and place a password on it.


Your contact information is absolutely safe since we will never share your details with third parties. Our site is 100 % safe and secure.

Make sure you are comfortable before sharing your contact information with any other user.

If at any point you feel unsure about any user and you have shared your picture password with him/her, you can always go and change the password on your photos in your “Photo Settings.”


Also, you can actively use our “Block” option if you dislike someone or you are being harassed by any user. You can also report their profile to us and we will remove them by cancelling their registration.

If you have any further queries or question related to help, please feel free to email us on


Band Baja Barat is here to offer you the best online matrimonial services. Take advantage of our special features to find a partner that matches your preferences. Join us to begin your delightful journey today!